About Us

Who Am I?

I am Sandra Darier

Wife, mother, daughter, author and blogger. I have potted around for many years with writing stories and books – its my passion. I am so excited to have found a place where I can use my passion and reach out to people via blogging. It is the most exciting endeavour I have ever undertaken.

Who is my partner in crime?

My Techie Genius husband of course, Sydney Darier. It’s the first time the Genius I am married to – and I – have worked on a project together that we are both excited about.

His extensive knowledge of everything technical means I can focus on what I love.

What you can expect?

www.bloggerthon.com will have new content uploaded frequently.

You can expect to see:

  • Short stories
  • Writing tips
  • Book reviews
  • Interesting websites
  • Handy Blog information
  • Sydney is also an Office 365 enthusiast so watch this space!
  • And much more.