Genre: Fantasy


The emergency room staff stepped back, allowing the cold paddles to shock the old woman. As soon as they were lifted the sweaty nurse, hair plastered to her head started compressions again. A few weak beeps sounded on the machines but they soon stopped.

Mrs Henderson stood in the corner of the room watching herself die. …

Shorts 1

Yasmin climbed into bed glad the day was over. It was inky black in her bedroom, just the way she liked it. If there was any light she couldn’t sleep. She yawned, stretched, farted and snuggling down into her cloudy duvet, started to drift off.

In that twilight place before you sleep but while still holding onto a thread of reality, she heard it.


She kept quiet.

’Mommy can I sleep by you?’ Whispered.

Yasmin froze, holding her breath.

She felt the duvet lift and an icy little body press into her side, seeking comfort. Little arms cuddled her and lay still.

Too petrified to move Yasmin lay there barely breathing.

She lived alone.

The Windmill

Genre:  Thriller

At first she couldn’t figure out what the screeching was.

‘Skree-clik…skree-clik’ it went faster, slower and hinted at something spinning. It drove her berserk. Finally she went out into the windy night to find it, less scared of the dark than she was irritated by the noise.…

The Goggles

Genre:  Drama


Lucy stood in the Salvation Army shop on Christmas Eve, praying that she would find something for little Brody. He loved Christmas and didn’t understand poverty. She had used almost all her spare cash to buy a small chicken and a 3-day old cake. She couldn’t bear the thought of there being nothing under the tree for him. She just couldn’t.