The Best Laid Plans…

‘I’m done with all the losers Kat.’ Janine grunts out, pushing the weights above her head. Sweat runs in rivers down her toned back and over her pert butt.

‘I need to find myself a man, no… a husband now.’

‘They aren’t just standing on street corners holding a sign.’ Kat pushes in unison with Janine, they encourage each other, entirely oblivious to the appreciative glances by the men and some women in the gym.

‘There has to be a few somewhere…’

‘They are gay or married.’ Kat brushes the sweat off her lip with the back of her hand. ‘Although there are the newly divorced?’ Raised eyebrows.

‘There’s got to be reason they are divorced.’


The women finish their workout, sipping on smoothies they plan their attack.…