The Patient

Genre: Thriller

Dr Sy Jones couldn’t believe her luck. Getting a position at the prestigious BHAD, short for the Broken Hill Assessment & Development hospital was a privilege.  Her ancient Ford barely made it up the hill and she gasped when the hospital came into sight.  It was much bigger than she thought and the antiquated styling was fascinating.  Large blue shutters against grey walls made the windows into eyes and the roof into a hairline.  …

Looking for Mother

Genre:  Thriller

Helen made her way along the woody path, her feet kicking at the mist making it swirl.  She pulled her coat tighter and breathed the cold into her lungs. She loved this time of year, almost winter and loads of mist.  Her black hair streaked out behind her as she hurried along, looking for mother.

She couldn’t have gone far, she was only missing a few minutes. Helen hoped she had the sense to put her coat on, she cursed herself for not checking – she could have brought it with. Helen called out as she walked, her feet barely making a sound.

‘Motheeeer. Mother! Are you here? Motheeeeeeer?’ Nothing.

Dolls Town

Genre:  Thriller


Tyron pushed old faithful harder than he should have, sending blue smoke putt-putting out of the exhaust.  He hated these long trips into the middle of the bloody farmlands in the back of beyond.  He loved his job as a repo assessor.  It appealed to his mean streak, his sadistic nature. He relished in telling a poor farmer that he would be repossessing his farm unless he paid.  And he wasn’t above a bit of extortion to line his pocket or ask for favours, if the farmer was a good-looking lady. He was despicable.

The Old Railway Bridge

Genre: Horror


Gen stamped her foot in impatience. Bloody Debs had let her down again. Every time she wanted to do something Gen had to drop what she was doing, but Debs didn’t do the same and it upset the hell out of her.

‘Who needs her?’ Gen asked herself, putting out her cigarette with a muddy shoe. ‘” I’ll just go alone, “I” want to hike and I will.’ Gen knew that her parents thought Debs would be with her – but really – how would they know? She walked onto the trail, disappearing around the corner in the shadows. If anyone were watching, other than her killer, this would be the last sighting of Genevieve Jones.…