Night Shift Series – No 5 Grave Digger

Genre: Horror

Grave Diggers always work at night. They sneak around undetected in the mist and silence and are comfortable with their ghostly companions. Billy Evers was no different. He knew the older graves usually held more treasure and he had a knack for choosing the lucrative ones. Wedding rings, silk suits,

(why all they need is a good cleaning!)

necklaces, so much to choose from. Of course often he would find nothing but rot, decay and gas. He was used to the smell.…

April Fool’s

Genre: Thriller

Jimmy had a helluva sense of humor. It was one of the things that attracted Emma to him, he constantly made her laugh. The best day of the year was the 1st of April – he never disappointed her. Often she waited the whole day for the joke, trick or fake news to arrive.…