Len Makes a Good Burger

Genre: Drama

‘Morning love.’

Len greeted his wife Nan, gone for 2 years but not forgotten. He greeted her every morning, chatted to her at every meal and said goodnight. Len was lonely. His daughter often popped in but his days were long and the nights were quiet.

A retired dock worker, Len’s funds were limited and he wouldn’t search for excitement anyway, he missed his wife and didn’t like to do things alone. The shape of his butt on the worn couch was testament to what he did most days. He would die sad and quietly.…

Walking Home

Genre: Thriller

Gertie sighed, stifled and yawn and checked her watch for the 10th time. Her shift at the hospital was nearly over. She ran the reception and admissions at night and loved her job but it had been unusually quiet and she longed for her bed.

‘Night, see you tomorrow.’


‘Night’ her colleagues called. She bundled up and headed home. It was a short walk from work to home and she often enjoyed the brisk pre-dawn chill, it made her feel alive. The shortcut through Denny’s Haven cut 5 minutes off her walk and she always took it. An old tunnel ran right through the center, it was well lit and her shoes echoed against the tiled walls.…