Sarah’s Return

Genre:  Love Story

Sarah hid under her wide-brimmed hat, wiggling her toes in the sand. The beach was quiet as usual, only a few stragglers and a family or two. She eyed the water twinkling with a million little suns. It looked so inviting but meant she would have to strip down to her costume and walk past the few people on the beach. It was something she just couldn’t do. She turned back to her book and was soon absorbed in another world.…

The Seller

Genre:  Drama

Maura was trying hard. Recently widowed she had to make a living. Her and her children were barely holding on. Mike had left her very little in terms of life insurance and assets.

The past few months she spent studying to write the local estate agents exams through the Professional Estate Agents Group. It was the only qualification she could study and be earning within a short period of time. And you didn’t need a degree to do it.

Maura spent hours trolling through websites to familiarize herself with house prices, the best and worst areas and the average prices of homes. Often people advertised their own homes and sold them privately. Maura disliked the concept but realized that they did hold opportunities if the owner could be convinced to work with her.…

The Proposal

Genre:  Satire

Wilbotsvale is the Hicksville of the West Rand! It doesn’t mean the people are bad, just poor and common. Being mainly a farm community, there are many poor families renting rooms from the farmers while working the land. It’s amazing how, no matter how poor they are – they smoke, drink and have more kids than they can educate.

Blinky is the exception. Pretty. Able to pass grade 8. Takes care of herself.…

The Christmas Carolers

Genre:  Horror

Mike was short, stout and downright ugly. He hated everything good and kindness was a foreign concept to him. Even at Christmas time, when his neighbors were giving he didn’t. The neighborhood Christmas carolers spent months rehearsing their songs so that they could sing their way through Christmas. It made them happy and they approached their singing with love and enthusiasm. They loved to share the joy.

The carolers drove Mike crazy. He moved between ignoring them ringing the bell in the cold and opening the door to hurl abuse at them. This year Mike decided to prepare for the carolers too, he had a special surprise for them.…