Genre: Horror


Gen stamped her foot in impatience. Bloody Debs had let her down again. Every time she wanted to do something Gen had to drop what she was doing, but Debs didn’t do the same and it upset the hell out of her.

‘Who needs her?’ Gen asked herself, putting out her cigarette with a muddy shoe. ‘” I’ll just go alone, “I” want to hike and I will.’ Gen knew that her parents thought Debs would be with her – but really – how would they know? She walked onto the trail, disappearing around the corner in the shadows. If anyone were watching, other than her killer, this would be the last sighting of Genevieve Jones.

Cool green tunnels lead her out to the railway tracks and she turns right. The unused bridge over the river is the highlight of the hike. It meanders over the rivers gurgling streams on squeaky trusses, the warm wind playing with the tassels on her jacket and tugging at her hair. The fresh air is amazing and the view epic as she heads out. Trains stopped running years before but the bridge is solid and well-maintained. Gen carefully walks in the middle to avoid any accidents.

The long track mesmerizes her and her steps flonk,-flonk along.

Just past half-way something catches her eye, as the tracks turn. There’s a man walking behind her. Hands shoved deep into his pockets, he picks his way along step-for-step matching hers. Her heart hammers, she’s completely alone. Even if she screams, who’s around to hear her?

Gen fights her panic. He could just be a fellow hiker, she tries to tell herself. But somewhere deep inside, she knows. He’s stalking his prey, and her stomach turns to water. She hurries faster but has no way of getting away from him, all he has to do is start running.

Gen takes her phone and switches on the video, turning it past her waist, praying that she’s getting a shot of the man, as she stumbles along, terrified to stop. She hides the phone not wanting him to take it from her.

Gen attaches the video to a message and sends it to her grandpa, Debs and her mother, praying that they will get the message and save her. But they are too far away.

Gen starts running, pausing only to look over her shoulder. He’s running too! Gen sobs as she misses her step and falls, grazing her knee. Standing she carries on running, beads of blood soaking her jeans and dripping onto the bridge with her tears. How stupid to come on my own? But Gen knows that if Debs was here they still wouldn’t have a chance. This was a man, a hunter and she’s his prey.

At the end of the railway bridge she stops. He’s right behind her walking now and she turns a tearstained face towards him.

Her body, raped and strangled, would be found within 24 hours. The cell phone still stuck away deep in her pocket. The grainy video helps them to identify the abomination that would do this to a brave, young girl.

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