Genre: Thriller

The grey cloud spitting out rain matched her mood. Stacy sat watching her reflection in the dull, wet glass of her flat window. It was raining cats and dogs outside. She wanted a hot coffee but was too lethargic to get it. There she stayed shivering and miserable.

Glancing around the tiny flat she remembered how cheerful it was when he lived here. There was the smell of garlic, chilies and mulled wine on the grey days. He would cook and sing, noise, music and laughter. Their friends squashed together on any open surface they could find. That changed in a heartbeat when Stacey had slept with his best friend. She could see the look on Tom’s face when he walked in on them. Stacey shaking her groggy head to clear the drunken fog.

“What the hell…?” Tom lost his girl, home and best friend in an instant. It didn’t take him long to pack and he was gone. She was left to face her greatest fear, being alone. She hated it. Grey days were the worst and it seemed to rain constantly. She couldn’t stand to stay in alone for another minute.

Putting on a raincoat she left. Dodging puddles and streams she made her way to get coffee. Running across a sodden street she heard screeching brakes, turning just in time to see a cab sliding towards her. She stared in shock as it hit her legs, breaking them instantly. Like a ragdoll she flipped over the bonnet, breaking her nose and left cheekbone. There was no pain, just the rain. No sound as she lay there bleeding in utter shock. Her blood mixed with the rivulets of water flowing off the bonnet. She watched it trickle away and thought to herself, this is definitely a grey day.

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Writer, Mother, Grandmother and Wife.


  1. colleen gentle - Reply

    Love this! Short, sweet and powerful. Really grabbed me! Brilliant writing!

    • Sandra Darier - Reply

      Its amazing that you can do with 300 words!!! Appreciate the comment.

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