Every now and then while writing and learning – have you come across funky words that we should use more often! Those that slide off the tongue make your sentences sound so different and fun!

Here are some examples. Feel free to add more in the “Comments” section and I will include them.


Playful. Example: “his smile was not just warming my loins – it was roguish too!


Small projecting part [not just that bump on your chest!]. Example: “his nose was so huge – it stuck out like a nipple on his face!”


Not just of little feet, it can also mean the quick talk of a comedian or salesman. Example: “His patter rambled on and on and I longed to escape. It felt like I was being tortured”.


Not the slang for an American but can also mean pull. Example: “He yanked hard on her bra trying desperately to get it off before she lost interest.”


Sounds dirty but is actually a heavy weapon for hitting someone. “Slowly he reached for the cosh to protect himself against the snarling dog”.


Not just to describe wet ground – how’s this? Example: “The soggy rusk fell into the hot tea and she used her tongue to swipe it out, blowing softly afterwards which he found very sexy”.


A guilty feeling. Example: “She had no compunction when it came to stealing the last piece of Danish, even though she knew how much he wanted it”.


A synonym for good or good for health. “His wholesome looks belied his roguish thoughts…”


Speak or write pompously. What an excellent word – so descriptive. “We had to listen to him pontificate on the best ways to raise children!”



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