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Admire the Scaredy Cat

Genre:  Thriller

Admire and Johannes bounced along the forest road, their tyres crunching leaves and kicking up dust. It was dark in the forest, chilly mist providing the only break from the deepest black.

Admire spoke non-stop to a nodding Johannes. He had learnt to shut up and listen, Admire didn’t give him a chance. As soon as they were through the forest and Admire had relaxed, he would get a word in. Johannes understood that Admire was scared, no, petrified of driving through this stretch home. It was unavoidable as the alternate route took him nearly 30 miles further out of his way. So he pocketed his fear and drove through.…

At All Costs…

Genre: Thriller  Warning: Adult Content

Joy stood still, mesmerized. Stepping closer she pressed her nose against the glass, causing the sales ladies inside to laugh. Her chest complained and she remembered to take a breath. It couldn’t be!

The mannequin in the window was wearing a dream. Her dream. Flowing organza in cherry red, swirled with diamante and net. It moved in the aircon, flowing and calling to her. She had to have it. At all costs.…

The Good Husband

Genre:  Thriller  Caution: Upsetting Content

Desdemona searched “Modern Day Embalming Practices”. She spent ages pouring through the information until she was quite confident with what had to be done.

‘Popping out honey’ she said over her shoulder to Dave. She left her husband of 35 years in his easy chair. Cheating, lying bastard. She smiled to herself as she headed off to the store, humming in a not entirely sane manner.…