The Old Man’s Bridge

Genre: Thriller

‘Halt! Who goes there?’

The command was aimed at scaring the hell out of any unsuspecting traveller along the Mountain Pass and it did!

‘J…just a traveller sir.’

The huge, old man lifted his lantern higher and stared into the pale face of the traveller.

‘You look tired. How about a night at the Creaky Pines Inn? We have room but no stew tonight. Come, come.’ The old man gestured and started walking back along the creaky bridge.…

Pig Clan

Genre: Horror   Warning: Upsetting Content


The Cathartic Trail through Bakers Park was a favourite among hikers. It tested their limits with hills, cliffs and gorges to get through but the view at the end and sense of achievement was incomparable. Several thousand hikers a year took the chance, most returning, some never did. No bodies were found, despite extensive searches. This only made the adventurous more determined to pit themselves against the Trail despite the warnings.…

At All Costs…

Genre: Thriller  Warning: Adult Content

Joy stood still, mesmerized. Stepping closer she pressed her nose against the glass, causing the sales ladies inside to laugh. Her chest complained and she remembered to take a breath. It couldn’t be!

The mannequin in the window was wearing a dream. Her dream. Flowing organza in cherry red, swirled with diamante and net. It moved in the aircon, flowing and calling to her. She had to have it. At all costs.…

Night Shift Series – No 4 Boogalloos Diner

Genre:  Horror

“Brainfreeze ahh…” Amy whispered to herself pursing her lips and rubbing her temple.

She was alone in the diner as usual at this hour on a Monday. Friday and Saturday nights there were always 2 on duty. Why Sacky insisted on them staying open to midnight every night was a mystery. She carried on sucking on the thick, sweet chocolate enjoying how it rolled and melted on her tongue.…