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The Windmill

Genre:  Thriller

At first she couldn’t figure out what the screeching was.

‘Skree-clik…skree-clik’ it went faster, slower and hinted at something spinning. It drove her berserk. Finally she went out into the windy night to find it, less scared of the dark than she was irritated by the noise.…

The Goggles

Genre:  Drama


Lucy stood in the Salvation Army shop on Christmas Eve, praying that she would find something for little Brody. He loved Christmas and didn’t understand poverty. She had used almost all her spare cash to buy a small chicken and a 3-day old cake. She couldn’t bear the thought of there being nothing under the tree for him. She just couldn’t.

The Duplex

Genre: Horror

The barking was driving her crazy!

Yes she loved dogs but this was insane. Putting her hands over her ears, Patty looked around at the animals.

“Just pick one!” Larry said.

“I can’t just pick one! Getting a dog, especially a rescue is a huge commit… oh go and sit in the car Larry. I’m taking my time!” Huffing out of the rescue centre, Larry lit a smoke, regretting coming with her.…

They Came from the Sea…

Genre: Horror

Rob Berzel checked his watch, cursed and pressed the pedal, making the cloud of dust behind him, bigger.

“Damm. Carla is going to be on the warpath” he predicted. It was the third time he was late to fetch Aggie and he was going to hear about it.  Now flying along the coast road, he couldn’t help but enjoy the view.  Wryly he wondered if he would be looking at it through a black eye tomorrow. …