Pig Clan

Genre: Horror   Warning: Upsetting Content


The Cathartic Trail through Bakers Park was a favourite among hikers. It tested their limits with hills, cliffs and gorges to get through but the view at the end and sense of achievement was incomparable. Several thousand hikers a year took the chance, most returning, some never did. No bodies were found, despite extensive searches. This only made the adventurous more determined to pit themselves against the Trail despite the warnings.…

Mother’s Orphanage

Genre: Drama

Rose kissed each little face as it passed her to go to bed. The children were tired and smelled sweet after their bath.

‘Can we have a story?’ little Anna asked.

‘Of course darling.’ Rose pulled the children’s favourite book off the shelf. The story spoke about mommy duck, daddy duck and their little chicks. Rose knew the children loved it because they didn’t have a family and it saddened her. Settling down surrounded by little ones, Rose read the story, smiling as her own chicks fell asleep one by one. After she had covered them all, Rose crept down to her room.…

Len Makes a Good Burger

Genre: Drama

‘Morning love.’

Len greeted his wife Nan, gone for 2 years but not forgotten. He greeted her every morning, chatted to her at every meal and said goodnight. Len was lonely. His daughter often popped in but his days were long and the nights were quiet.

A retired dock worker, Len’s funds were limited and he wouldn’t search for excitement anyway, he missed his wife. The shape of his butt on the worn couch was testament to what he did most days. He would die sad and quietly.…