Writer’s Block

Genre:  Horror

Andrew stared at the screen. The blinking cursor hung in the air mocking him. Blink. Blink. Blink. He ran his hand over his smooth chin in frustration. There must be something! His agent was waiting impatiently. If he hadn’t lied and said he was nearly finished with his next book he wouldn’t be in this position. Sweat trickled into his eye burning it.

‘Tea?’ his wife Dolores shouted through the door.

‘No!’ Stupid bitch – if she didn’t keep interrupting him maybe he could get his book finished, he thought totally unreasonably. Blink! Blink! He balled his fists into his eyes and cursed. Maybe tomorrow would be better.…

In A Perfect World…

Genre: Drama


‘Goodbye and thank you.’ Tears flowed and Anna couldn’t wait to get away. Away from the bright cheerful Hospice where the many floral scented air fresheners turned the smell of death into a nuance. The staff who had become her family over the last 7 weeks had gotten her through the biggest challenge of her life. She walked out into the cool January morning vaguely noticing the dawn painting.

Jem was her soulmate. Her everything. 30 years of memories were all she had left. They had no children apart from their fur-babies who no doubt would feel the loss just as much as she did. Tears flowed along her cheeks and down her neck, wetting the lace on her pink T-shirt. Anna got home, fed and cuddled the animals, climbed into bed and dropped into a deep, dreamless sleep.…

Admire the Scaredy Cat

Genre:  Thriller

Admire and Johannes bounced along the forest road, their tyres crunching leaves and kicking up dust. It was dark in the forest, chilly mist providing the only break from the deepest black.

Admire spoke non-stop to a nodding Johannes. He had learnt to shut up and listen, Admire didn’t give him a chance. As soon as they were through the forest and Admire had relaxed, he would get a word in. Johannes understood that Admire was scared, no – petrified of driving through this stretch home. It was unavoidable as the alternate route took him nearly 30 miles further out of his way. So he pocketed his fear and drove through.…