The Old Railway Bridge

Genre: Horror


Gen stamped her foot in impatience. Bloody Debs had let her down again. Every time she wanted to do something Gen had to drop what she was doing, but Debs didn’t do the same and it upset the hell out of her.

‘Who needs her?’ Gen asked herself, putting out her cigarette with a muddy shoe. ‘” I’ll just go alone, “I” want to hike and I will.’ Gen knew that her parents thought Debs would be with her – but really – how would they know? She walked onto the trail, disappearing around the corner in the shadows. If anyone were watching, other than her killer, this would be the last sighting of Genevieve Jones.…


Genre: Horror

‘It’s perfect. I’ll take it’. Gladys, the realtor sends a silent prayer of gratitude. Cliffside Cottage is a hard rental to sell and she needs the money.

‘I’ll send the paperwork. See you on the 17th.’

Callie Babas needed a break. Her work was dragging behind and she had an exhibition looming which needed 7 more pieces. Getting away from all the noise was the only answer. Calli has no intention of telling anyone where she was going, just that she would be away.

She changes the message on her answering machine, leaves a note for her neighbour with a key and is packed and on the road within hours. The sun warms her face through the windscreen and the windows keep the cold outside.…

The Best Laid Plans…

‘I’m done with all the losers Kat.’ Janine grunts out, pushing the weights above her head. Sweat runs in rivers down her toned back and over her pert butt.

‘I need to find myself a man, no… a husband now.’

‘They aren’t just standing on street corners holding a sign.’ Kat pushes in unison with Janine, they encourage each other, entirely oblivious to the appreciative glances by the men and some women in the gym.

‘There has to be a few somewhere…’

‘They are gay or married.’ Kat brushes the sweat off her lip with the back of her hand. ‘Although there are the newly divorced?’ Raised eyebrows.

‘There’s got to be reason they are divorced.’


The women finish their workout, sipping on smoothies they plan their attack.…