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Night Shift Series – No 2 Gay’s Grocery Store

Genre: Horror

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Ang detested her job, but she didn’t want to be there.

Her mother suggested that she find a way to make herself some money. Well actually what she had said was “Get off your bone-lazy ass and earn your own pocket money!”

She looked around and found the easiest job she could find – the night shift at Gay’s Grocery Store. She had to be at work from 9pm to 1am, lock up and go home and it was right down the street. The pay wasn’t bad and she didn’t have to do stocktake or pack shelves or anything like the day staff had to. It seemed perfect.…

For A Pair of Silk Stockings…

Genre:  Drama


“Oh mother, they are so beautiful” I chirruped, clasping my hands together in disbelief. She had just pulled on a pair of smooth, silk stockings. They made her legs look gorgeous and I wished I was big enough to have a pair.

“Violet darling aren’t they magnificent?” she twirled in the mirror in her underwear and I had never seen her look so happy. My mother was beautiful with rich, auburn hair and long, shapely legs. She looked like an angel.

“Where did you get them?” I asked. “Ssshhhhhh” she put her finger to her lips and twirled again.…