Sarah’s Return

Genre:  Love Story

Sarah hid under her wide-brimmed hat, wiggling her toes in the sand. The beach was quiet as usual, only a few stragglers and a family or two. She eyed the water twinkling with a million little suns. It looked so inviting but meant she would have to strip down to her costume and walk past the few people on the beach. It was something she just couldn’t do. She turned back to her book and was soon absorbed in another world.

“Please help” a strange man shouted at her suddenly. She looked up in shock and was disoriented for a moment. “S…sorry?” she stammered unhappy that he was focusing on her.

“Here” he literally threw a wet, screaming infant into her arms and ran down the beach to the water. Sarah was shocked and had no idea what to do with the little girl, who’s screams were now reaching right across the beach.…