Hell Date…

Genre: Fiction

Pulling up to the house, Frankie was concerned. The gate hung askew and the grass grew long enough to hide in if you had to.  “I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt” she decided, getting out to open up.

Frankie had been chatting to Tony for about 6 weeks now, they had met on a “Dates for Divorcees” dating site. It gave the impression of being an upmarket dating site and they had hit if off quickly.  Tony seemed ideal, he owned a house, liked to cook and designed websites for a living. This ticked her boxes. Frankie had always liked creative people, she found them interesting.
Stopping behind an old Peugeot she noticed the paint was peeling off the bumper and the driver’s door was a different color to the rest of the car.  “I wonder whose car this is?” she thought to herself, assuming that Tony’s car was in the closed garage.…

Night Shift Series – No 4 Boogalloos Diner

Genre:  Horror

“Brainfreeze ahh…” Amy whispered to herself pursing her lips and rubbing her temple.

She was alone in the diner as usual at this hour on a Monday. Friday and Saturday nights there were always 2 on duty. Why Sacky insisted on them staying open to midnight every night was a mystery. She carried on sucking on the thick, sweet chocolate enjoying how it rolled and melted on her tongue.…


Genre: Thriller    Warning : Contains upsetting content

“Ballllleeeerr. Baller come quick.”

Baller finished his glass of cool water, he could see Banjo pedaling hard up the hill to his house. He was sweating, red faced and bare chested. It was quite comical actually. It was Banjo that gave him the nickname Baller – short for Balwin. It was a standing joke between the boys which had caught on, now everyone called him Baller.

“What now Banjo?” Baller smiled. “Why the hurry and did you forget something.” He gestured to his bare chest laughing.

“Baller its Tammy. Come quick.” Baller took one look at Banjo’s face and realized that something was terribly wrong. Fear trickled down his spine like ice water.…