Storm Chaser

Genre:  Drama


CHAPTER 1 – Cassie and Greg

‘No, daddy no!’ Cassie screams with delight as her father tickles her mercilessly.

Trying to breathe in-between, Cassie kicks and wiggles until her father stops, also out of breath. Tenderly Greg holds her face and smiles, kissing her nose.

‘How much do I love you?’

‘To the stars and back.’

‘Come, time for bed little tot.’ Cassie hangs onto her dad’s neck on the way, hoping to slow him down. ‘I’m not tired’

‘Yes, you are. Besides if you don’t go to sleep now, the tickle monster will come back.’ He wiggles his fingers and Cassie screams again. Kisses and hugs over, Greg reads her a story, by the end of which she’s fast asleep.…

An Unlikely Affair

Genre:  Drama


Staring down at her husband’s body Casey felt her breath catch in her throat. Tears slipped from her eyes, falling unheeded passing several double chins and onto the fake sheepskin carpet. Hands shaking, she picked up the phone and dialled 911 with her sausage fingers. By the time they answered all she could do was squeak out ‘help, it’s my husband’ before her breath failed. Sinking to her knees she dropped the phone.…

Perfect Grammar

Genre:  Drama

Mr Richards demanded it – perfect grammar. If you made a mistake in your work, you felt the sting of the ruler across your knuckles. It was barbaric and the children hated him. There was no kinship, happiness or giggles in his class. It was work from start to finish and the children counted every second.

The Diamond Earrings

Genre: Drama

‘Bye hon’ she said over her shoulder to her husband Ronald. Lifting his head from his newspaper he smiled a goodbye.

‘Send Aunty P my love’ he said. That was the excuse she used. She had been visiting “Aunty P” every week for the last 7 years. He spent Tuesday evening with the boys playing virtual games, she couldn’t think of a worse way to spend an evening, she had her own plans.…