Shorts 4

Genre: Horror

Mother ghost returns night after night, the legend says.  An old woman in a wispy, charcoal dress, hands clenched around a black rose. She moves dreamlike through the house, searching each room.  Her cries grow in intensity and sadness with each empty room, she calls her babies in a ghostlike wail.

‘Callie? Andrew darling? Beth?’

Her voice halts in the kitchen, she sees them.  They turn towards her and smile. They merge into a ghostly soup, crying.

4 ghosts enter the basement through the door. Leaving silence behind.

Mother will return tomorrow and again look for her children.


Genre: Drama

Shocked I stare at the pee strip.

‘Two lines means I’m pregnant.’ I look again and again. It doesn’t change.  My heart’s in my mouth, this wasn’t planned. In fact, it wasn’t even on the horizon of my life plans.

‘Shit…how?’ Absently tapping the test against the basin, I remember something about antibiotics and their effect on the pill.  I should have been more careful. It’s now too late. For a brief second, I consider keeping quiet and getting rid of it, but if Andy found out… No, I couldn’t do it.  Besides I will grow to love the idea and the baby. Won’t I?…

Glass In His Eyes

Genre:  Drama

It’s like having glass in your eye.  It cuts, burns and distorts everything.  That’s how Eddie sees the world now.

After the accident, after the coma everything changed. His family dead. His dog dead. His mind dying from the grief that threatened to drown him.

Shanna, his therapist, tried.

‘Eddie your life is not over.  The accident wasn’t your fault.’ She leaned over taking his hands.

‘Do you hear me?’ But Eddie was elsewhere, blinking the glass from his eyes, he didn’t respond. Each session was the same.  After almost a month, he was discharged, they could do no more. Eddie had to pick up his life and go on.

The taxi dropped him outside his house. Letters and wet, yellowed newspapers plugged the mailbox.  His lawn overgrown and patchy.  Stepping over the mail, he went inside. Rotten smells infiltrated his numb mind, trying to kickstart him into action. He went up to the bedroom hoping Donna would be there. She wasn’t of course.  He nestled his face into the pajamas she had stuck under her pillow. They smelled like her. Tears flowed down his face, dripping onto the soft silk.  He fell asleep still clutching them.…

The Babysitter

Genre: Horror

On any given day Annabelle was late. Late to school. Late to work. Late to get home. But not today.

Annabelle hurried up the drive, she couldn’t be late for this job. Easy money, watching kids sleep was about as good as it got.

An imposing double story came into view and she slowed. Huge columns cuddled by ivy stood guard over the front porch.  The upkeep on such an old house must be steep, but it was well taken care of and breathtakingly scary.

An important sounding chime announced her arrival.

“Annabelle?’ perfectly painted lips asked.

“Just Bella’ she smiled.…