Patsy Takes A Swim

Genre:  Drama


‘Don’t panic. DON’T PANIC.’

Patsy struggled to keep her head above water. A wave of anger at her stupidity flowed with the waves washing over her head, pushing her under. The shore looked so far away yet was just a decent wave away. Gulping air and sea water, Patsy let herself sink then kicked against the bottom, praying it would propel her forward. It did but not far enough. She tried again, knowing that she didn’t have much more in her. Kicking, pushing and throwing up choking sea water, she finally crawled out onto the sand. Grateful, terrified and exhausted.

‘Are you ok?’ a deep voice and some hairy feet in her line of vision asked. He leant down to lift her and she let him. Using the back of her hand, she wiped sand and tears off her face, hoping that he was ugly as she must look a sight. Olive green eyes stared in hers and she felt her knees buckle.

‘Oh, I must be weaker than I thought.’

Lifting her easily into his arms, he walked away from the waves and tenderly put her onto a fluffy blue blanket. She resisted the urge to fondle his curly chest hair.

‘Is she hurt?’ a decidedly feminine voice said, making Patsy come back to reality.

‘Thanks I’m fine now, thanks…’ she almost ran away from them feeling embarrassed. She wouldn’t be impressed if her boyfriend rescued a spluttering bikini-clad poor swimmer from the ocean.

‘Hi’. Turning she realised he had followed her and her knees gave warning again.


‘Would you like to join us? My mother and I have far too much food?’ his eyes twinkled and Patsy found herself nodding. She didn’t trust her voice.

The spent the afternoon eating cold chicken and spongy rolls, sipping down ice cold cocktails. It was amazing.

Being washed out has its advantages, she sighed.

The Birds

Genre:  Horror

Carmen hums, finally getting to the last plate.  Wiping til it shines, she hops around the kitchen.


Her tiny kitchen gleams, dust doesn’t dare show its face here. Growing up poor means having little to no money for fragrant and “tough on germs” cleansing products. Spit and polish had to do. Gross… Carmen fought her way up in Chocolates and Caviar Catering. As soon as she could, she looked to rent in a better neighbourhood. One where she could actually hang clean washing outside and it was still there when dry.…

Gazing At Aeroplanes

Genre:  Drama

Maxine struggled through the door with her heavy bags. 6 teenagers were painted onto her couches. She smiled warmly as 2 got up to help her, her children.

‘Hiya mum?’ her daughter Marie asked with a smile. ‘Anything for me? Did you get chips?’ Taking the bag containing the chips, she put it down, pulled the chips out and headed back to the couch. Her brother Alex did the same with the biscuits.

‘How about a hand?’

‘Sure mom, just leave it there I’ll take it in a bit’ Alex said. All 6 teenagers turned back to the TV and forgot she existed.

Feeling empty Maxine picked up the bags herself and headed to the kitchen. Irritation crossed their faces as she walked slowly past the TV. She bit her tongue, not wanting to embarrass her children in front of their friends.…


Genre: Horror

Peter settled in for the night, his old bones cracking and popping as he heaved his ample bulk under the soft blanket. His customary glass of water was sitting atop the wooden headboard so he wouldn’t have to get up to get a drink. Although Lord knows, he would have to pee in the middle of the night, hopefully only once.

At first he thought the scratching sound was part of his dream. He was bouncing around eating apples in an old-fashioned video game. With boundless energy he jumped and ate, jumped and ate. Such fun! Wait… he turned. A tiny soldier was stabbing him in the leg with a minute spear. Ow! He jumped away but the soldier was right there stinging and stabbing. He jumped and jumped but it kept on stabbing……