Perfect Grammar

Genre:  Drama

Mr Richards demanded it – perfect grammar. If you made a mistake in your work, you felt the sting of the ruler across your knuckles. It was barbaric and the children hated him. There was no kinship, happiness or giggles in his class. It was work from start to finish and the children counted every second.

The Diamond Earrings

Genre: Drama

‘Bye hon’ she said over her shoulder to her husband Ronald. Lifting his head from his newspaper he smiled a goodbye.

‘Send Aunty P my love’ he said. That was the excuse she used. She had been visiting “Aunt P” every week for the last 7 years. He spent Tuesday evening with the boys, she couldn’t think of a worse way to spend an evening. She had her own plans.…

Billy Goes Shopping

Genre: Horror


Billy hobbled along the dusty driveway. His crippled frame belied his incredible strength. Making sure he was alone, he opened the grid, covered by leaves that hid the deep ditch in the road. He needed supplies and the next poor sod that came along that road, would provide them. He hunkered down in the bushes a short way back from the hole and waited.…

The Old Man’s Bridge

Genre: Thriller

‘Halt! Who goes there?’

The command was aimed at scaring the hell out of any unsuspecting traveller along the Mountain Pass and it did!

‘J…just a traveller sir.’

The huge, old man lifted his lantern higher and stared into the pale face of the traveller.

‘You look tired. How about a night at the Creaky Pines Inn? We have room but no stew tonight. Come, come.’ The old man gestured and started walking back along the creaky bridge.…