Genre: Fantasy


The emergency room staff stepped back, allowing the cold paddles to shock the old woman. As soon as they were lifted the sweaty nurse, hair plastered to her head started compressions again. A few weak beeps sounded on the machines but they soon stopped.

Mrs Henderson stood in the corner of the room watching herself die. She wasn’t scared, an angel held her hand. They stood there, she old, dry and frail next to a glowing, beautiful black man with kind eyes and soft hands. There was no horror, no more pain, no fear. The angel waited patiently with her, peace coming off him in waves calming her completely.

‘Call it.’ The sweaty nurse encouraged the doctor. He sighed, wiped the sweat off his glasses and nodded.


The team stepped back. They had tried hard to save her, done their best. In the end God always calls us back and the best doctors can’t save you. It’s no longer in their hands. The team tidied Mrs Henderson up, covered her with a sheet and tagged her toe. The room went dark as they all left to go on to the next patient, already forgetting the sweet soul that had just left.

‘Do you want to say goodbye?’ the angel said.

Mrs Henderson went over to herself. She thought about everything she had crammed into her 76 years on this earth. There was no sadness, just peace. She thought of her daughters and grandchildren and her heart swelled with love.

‘I wish I could introduce you to them’ she said. The angel shook his head slowly, his smile encouraging her to move on, they had a journey to start.

As they left the room Mrs Henderson was shocked to see several other angels, walking with others. An old man, a young boy and one angel had tiny twins in her arms. They all walked in the same direction towards the light. Those in front simply disappeared into it. She watched mesmerized.

Confused she saw 2 dead people running towards her, their arms outstretched as if begging for help. They looked like bikers, mean and covered in tattoos that said things like ‘Hell is home’ and ‘Kiss my Ass’. Stepping back as they ran right past. She could see the pain and terror on their faces.

She looked at the angel. He shook his head and Mrs Henderson understood. They couldn’t see the light. They didn’t have angel guides. She felt sorry for them.

Gesturing, the angel took a step forward, his face mirrored the light and peace she felt. Taking his hand again, she stepped forward too.

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